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Alex Friedman, Co-Founder of LOLA — Glambition Radio Episode 113 with Ali Brown

Alex Friedman on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown
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She’d never planned to create the first-ever *organic tampon subscription service*, but it made complete sense. I mean, why hadn’t someone done this already? That’s what Alex Friedman and her cofounder Jordana Kier thought in 2015, so they decided to go for it, even though they weren’t quite sure how at first. And Alex shares their story, step by step, as my guest on this week’s #GlambitionRadio.

Our periods are something we don’t think about much. They’re just a monthly inconvenience we deal with for the majority of our lives. And once we find the products and brands we like, we typically continue to use them for decades. But there’s one small problem…

The FDA does NOT require companies to tell you what’s actually IN your tampons and pads. And studies show there’s some scary stuff in there, including possible carcinogens. For such a heavy-use product that you’re actually putting inside your body repeatedly, going organic makes sense.

While there were other natural feminine care lines in existence, the LOLA gals decided to create a NEW model by offering their own brand of organic tampons, liners, and pads via a monthly subscription service. You choose your own customized assortment, and it’s delivered discreetly to your door every month. There are no commitments, and you can change your orders or cancel anytime. Boom.

Alex and Jordana have raised over $11 million in funding just in the last two years, and LOLA has been named to Entrepreneur’s 2016 100 Brilliant Companies list and CNBC’s 2017 Upstart 25 list.

On this week’s episode of Glambition Radio, Alex tells us why it was time to take on the feminine-care industry giants, how LOLA is changing the cultural conversation about periods, and what the company is doing to empower girls and women with everything they need for a lifetime of proactive and informed decisions about their reproductive health.

On the show, we discuss:

  • Turning periods from a sometimes taboo topic into an open and honest discussion. (And what women say to Alex when they let their opinions loose!)
  • Teaching Vagina 101 to male dominated boardrooms. (It wasn’t easy to persuade investors who don’t understand periods. One pitch involved a demo of a tampon in glass of water!) 
  • The First Period Kit you wish you had, and the single dads who asked LOLA to create it. (This blew me away – what a great idea.)
  • Creating a product that also invites a lifetime of brand loyalty. (I have a feeling that once a girl or woman goes LOLA, they’ll stay LOLA until it’s over.)
  • And, I share my own humorous story on the moment I realized something surprising about the tampons in Australia. 😉

On this episode of Glambition Radio, Alex also gave out a special promo code just for my listeners – enter “Glambition” at to get 60% OFF your first month of LOLA. (I’m going to use it myself!)

It’s another powerful episode, so head over to iTunes and listen to this episode of Glambition Radio now (or download for later).

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