Amy Robbins, Founder + CEO of Alexo Athletica — Glambition® Radio Episode 254 with Ali Brown - Glambition Radio

Amy Robbins, Founder + CEO of Alexo Athletica — Glambition® Radio Episode 254 with Ali Brown

Amy Robbins on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown
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After experiencing a threatening situation while training alone on a backroad for a marathon, Texas-based Amy Robbins wished there was women’s athletic apparel that could accommodate tools for self-defense, be it a taser, pepper spray, or a pistol. (And, she thought, why not also have room for your phone, car keys, and a tampon?)

When she realized nothing like this existed, she seized the opportunity and created Alexo Athletica (meaning to ‘defend and help’) in 2017. Now more than a fashionable carry-wear line, Alexo has built serious momentum on the waves of the #MeToo movement, educating on women’s empowerment and safety.

As you’ll hear on Glambition Radio, Amy’s mission goes much deeper than bringing her stylish and functional athletic line to market… it’s her passion for teaching women their options to defend themselves, and how these skills are so important to living a confident, self-reliant life—that truly lights her up.

On this episode of #GlambitionRadio, you’ll hear:

  • The original Runners World survey results that fueled Amy’s mission, sharing that nearly 80% of female runners have experienced some type of threat while training outside (she shares the details in our conversation, and I can surely relate)
  • My own journey to embracing self-defense, and my surprise to discover how many other women in my circles have been thinking the same thing… (In fact, my mind was blown when I started having this conversation with other women, across all party lines.)
  • How Amy AND her husband both quit their juicy, six-figure corporate jobs to ‘burn the boats’ and go all in on Alexo… and the impact this had on their marriage + family life
  • Why Amy was so motivated to become a disruptor in an intimidating and traditionally male-dominated industry… and how her newfound passion for women’s self-defense was completely supported by market data (hear the staggering statistics on 2020 alone!)

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