Baeth Davis, Life Purpose Guide, this week on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown - Glambition Radio

Baeth Davis, Life Purpose Guide, this week on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown

Got a spiritual crisis? No problem. Baeth Davis has been there, done that… and I’m honored she’s sharing her story with us on this week’s episode of Glambition Radio.

Baeth is the creator of, which is devoted to helping people discover their life purpose, and get paid for their passion.

In her late 20’s, Baeth suffered a spiritual crisis that led to thoughts of suicide. But that crisis also led to a spiritual awakening. Exactly what that awakening was… and the journey that followed… is a story you won’t soon forget.

I met Baeth back in 2005, when I hosted my first-ever workshop on internet marketing. She was the first person who bought a ticket. And we were destined to be friends from there on. Not only did Baeth help me identify my life purpose, but also my blind spots to look out for, and much more…

Through her very successful business ventures, she has helped tens of thousands of women around the world purge their old beliefs, face their fears, discover their life purpose, and profitably bring their gifts to the world.

On this week’s Glambition Radio, I asked Baeth to share her top 3 success tips. Here’s a sneak preview for you, in her own words:

Tip #1:  Be ruthlessly authentic

“If you want to stay well, stop being such a ‘nice’ person. Because nice gets you nowhere. Instead be ruthlessly authentic. Honor your feelings. Nothing will keep you healthier than being in the truth, being authentic, and being in reality.” (Baeth admits she’s learned this the hard way, with a recent encounter with breast cancer and health issues that forced her to wake up to her feelings.)

Tip #2:  What is your purpose?

“Find out your life’s purpose. Why are you here? Get that question answered once and for all. Once you know what your purpose is, your business can be an expression of that purpose. When you’re on purpose, your business will be a reflection of that.” (On the show, I myself share my story of how Baeth helped me find my own purpose.)

Tip #3:  What’s your blind spot?

“Know what your blind spot is. Your life lesson is your blind spot. It’s the key to everything. Knowing what your blind spot is, allows you to step back from a situation where you are feeling challenged, and realize this is the place where I get caught up… the source of all my struggles.”

(Oooo I love this one. You know that crap that comes up for you all the time? It’s likely related to your own blind spot or “life lesson”, and you can learn all about this on the show.)

You’re also going to love what Baeth says about finding your fastest path to prosperity. What I’ve shared here is just a tiny bit of her wisdom. Go please listen to this episode of Glambition Radio by clicking the play button below. And if you want to hear my most recent episodes head over to iTunes to listen or subscribe for automatic updates.

Love and success,


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