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Becoming ‘Alpha Femme’ with Melanie Ann Layer— Glambition® Radio Episode 286 with Ali Brown

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It’s the women who are doing business differently, in an extraordinary way. And there’s one particular ‘Alpha Femme’ epitomizing this movement: Melanie Ann Layer of Quebec, Canada. 


Starting as an ‘invisible coach’ in 2017, whose name was shared solely by word of mouth, Melanie’s business and Alpha Femme brand quickly grew – without a website, podcast, viral videos, ads, or a best-selling book. 


She is known for her unique approach to feminine leadership and wealth energetics, but it started with one big shift after a job loss which led to a bankruptcy. The entire ordeal left her sleeping in her car, but Melanie took her first “life coaching” call from the front seat of her Honda Civic in 2013. (She explains the whole story in our interview.)


Through a journey of evolution and growth, she’s grown her business to revenues over $20M, with consistent million dollar months since November 2020. Her shift is a testament to her teachings that now serve women all around the globe.


On this episode of Glambition Radio, I speak with Melanie about her unconventional approach to online business, which has left many puzzled… and so many more excited and magnetized. Because it’s so different compared with anything else out there. 


On this episode of Glambition Radio, you’ll hear:

  • About the Google search that inspired Melanie to reframe her thoughts after ending a romantic relationship of 7 years
  • How Melanie started her coaching business from that first phone call, and how she first approached growing her venture into something significant
  • The secret behind building an 8-figure brand *without* a website, viral content, a podcast, ads, or best-selling book (hallelujah!)
  • Melanie’s practice of ‘The Art of Business’, and how it has contributed to her success
  • How one unfortunate media ‘hit piece’ reporting on her achievements was an initial shock, but the experience solidified her stance in helping other women embrace and champion ‘unconventional’ success

After getting to know Melanie well this year as a private client (and now as a member of The Trust!), I am thrilled to share this deep conversation about her energetic approach on this episode of #GlambitionRadio. 


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