‘BOLD Ways to Break Away From the Pack’ — Glambition Radio Episode 109 with Ali Brown - Glambition Radio

‘BOLD Ways to Break Away From the Pack’ — Glambition Radio Episode 109 with Ali Brown

Bold Ways to Break Away From the Pack on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown
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Everyone is peeing in the pool, and it’s time to get out.

If you’ve been in this game a long time (at least several years) and think back to when you started your business, it was likely just you and a few select others in the pool (your industry, or “space” within).

You were splashing around, having a good time… business was great. Everything was new, and fun. There was a good DJ and great drinks.

Then, little by little, the party filled up.

Suddenly you felt more people next to you, and the water got greasy. Space was getting competitive. And standards started to lower.

The good dance music morphed into bad dubstep. The bodyguards stopped checking ID, so anyone could get in.

And then it hits you – you’re trapped inside one of those giant daytime Vegas pool parties, in a sea of bodies, and no one is visiting the restroom.


But hope is near.

I’m here to help lift you out of the mess, and into your own clean body of water.

It’s time to BREAK AWAY FROM THE PACK, and I’m sharing how on this week’s Glambition Radio.

It starts with how you think, and ends with what you do.

Positioning is a vast topic, but on this show I’m going to cover six key areas you should start thinking about asap. The first three are about ENERGETIC separation you need to impart immediately to gain strength and perspective. And the second three are PRACTICAL steps you need to take to position yourself up and away from all the competition.

Get ready to listen a few times or take some notes, because I’m going to cover…

  • when it’s time to ditch the exact formula that made you successful (this sounds completely counterintuitive, but hear me out)
  • how studying Picasso’s teenage years gave me permission to break even more rules in my business evolution
  • why those launch “recipes” just don’t work for some folks (contrary to what many marketing gurus prescribe – they say “just do what I say and you’ll get the best results”, which doesn’t always work and I explain why)
  • why your mastery is now not only more important than ever, but more important than ever to convey in your marketing
  • and much more.

I know you’ll get a lot out of this episode, and my 6 BOLD ways to break out of the pack.

So head over to iTunes and listen to this episode of Glambition Radio now (or download for later).

Love and Success,




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