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‘Creative Strategy Secrets’ — Glambition Radio Episode 140 with Ali Brown

Fresh Strategy Secrets on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown
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Let me walk you through highlights of the powerful content I shared at my recent Creative Strategy Workshop here in Phoenix.

For years—in both school and organizations we’ve worked in—we’ve been programmed to always have the right answer, instead of asking the right questions. But it’s the right questions that lead to better answers. And lead to brilliant business moves. This solo episode of #GlambitionRadio features highlights from my recent immersion on this topic—to help you begin to regain this lost art

It’s increasingly important to be thinking differently than everyone else in your industry, to stay ahead of the curve, keep your competition at bay, and even better… be continually positioned in your own unique category. (And, so you don’t get bored!)

The ideas I’m bringing you in this episode are simple. But these skills have been neglected in our increasingly growth-obsessed business culture of launching big, looking huge, and “scaling up” fast…. no matter the cost.

On this episode, I’ll be sharing:

* How to turn on your creative switch and shift yourself into new ongoing creative perspectives… versus jumping into problem solving (which you unconsciously approach the same way every time)

* Why out-of-industry exposure is the #1 recommendation I make for multiple-six or -seven figure entrepreneurs who have seem to hit a plateau   

*An ‘about face’ in approach that I helped a client create on the spot. It resulted in her getting totally juiced up for her upcoming launch (versus wanting to jump out the window!)

* The creative problem for most women that no one talks about (but it’s critical, especially the more successful you become)

* Why subconscious attachment to looking “BIG” online can be impeding your true path and unlocking your genius

* How to tell if your ‘coach’ is simply a trainer or a true advisor (it’s a simple litmus test)

* And finally, what happened to rocker Adam Ant.

Also, I announce the dates for my next event: it’s ICONIC 2.0 happening here in Phoenix on November 7+8, 2018! Listen to learn more and get on my priority notification list. 🙂

Enjoy, and if you liked this episode please share with your community!

Xo Ali

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