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Engineering Your Success with Jereshia Hawk — Glambition® Radio Episode 274 with Ali Brown

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She was abandoned by her mother as a child, raised by her aunt, and—as a college sophomore—had no choice but to become the family breadwinner when her aunt unexpectedly passed away…

Today’s Glambition Radio guest Jereshia Hawk has a personal journey that will tug at your heartstrings and inspire your ambition. She is a sought-after business coach and sales expert who grew her business from nothing to $2 million in less than four years using organic marketing, a lean team, and high profit margins. But her success didn’t come without trials and tribulations in her early life. 

Through running small businesses as a young adult, to becoming a pipeline engineer out of practicality, and then leveraging her corporate experience into a thriving business coaching company, Jereshia has navigated a truly inspiring career path. And now she’s teaching other women how to leverage their unique authority, successfully chart a ‘seller beware’ market, and deconstruct popular marketing systems to create their own versions of success.

Today, Jereshia (whom I’m honored to have in my Premier Client group) helps high-achieving experts launch and scale leveraged group coaching programs—but her methods are different than most. Listen in to learn how!

On this episode of #GlambitionRadio, you’ll hear:

  • How Jereshia learned serious sales + marketing hustle by observing her aunt work retail at Victoria’s Secret… and how this directly influenced her entrepreneurial mindset!
  • Why Jereshia seized the opportunity in her family’s adversity to create a new reality… and how necessity + practicality prevented overthinking to drive her results! 
  • How a 2.9% corporate raise calculation changed Jereshia’s value vs. time paradigm—plus, how to assess + market your value to max out your earning potential
  • The fascinating perception of women of color in STEM fields—and Jereshia’s personal experience trying to change this narrative (I had no idea that hairstyles held so much weight at work…) 
  • And my favorite takeaway… Jereshia hits the nail on the head when she explains the true essence of a successful business coach. (Hint: it’s not always having the right answer.)  

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