"High-End Networking Secrets" with Ali Brown, this week on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown - Glambition Radio

"High-End Networking Secrets" with Ali Brown, this week on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown

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High-End Networking Secrets - Glambition RadioIf you’ve been hiding behind your computer screen in your sweatpants and wondering why your business has stalled, then this week’s Glambition Radio episode is for you.
You can have the best product or service and a gorgeous website, but if you’re not putting yourself out there and NETWORKING in person, you are really doing yourself a disservice.
I was inspired to dedicate this week’s Glambition Radio to high-level networking secrets after attending three incredible events in the past month: the Forbes Women’s Summit, the Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network event, and the United Nations Foundation Global Accelerator. 
Yes, I had to pack, get my nails done, organize schedules, jump on an airplane, and leave my family. And yes, it was stressful, exhausting, and a lot of work.
But it was 100% WORTH it!
As much as you think you don’t have time to network, I’m here to tell you that you do.
Meeting the right person—just one, that’s all it takes—can change everything for your business and your life. But you need a strategy for effective, successful networking, and I’ve put together some solid tips for you on this episode of Glambition Radio.
(Plus, I’ll tell you about my two must-have books for high-level networking.)
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Listen here now:

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