Introducing Glambition™ Radio! My New Show for Women Entrepreneurs Debuts on iTunes TODAY - Glambition Radio

Introducing Glambition™ Radio! My New Show for Women Entrepreneurs Debuts on iTunes TODAY

FinalGlambitionRevised SMALLFor months, I’ve been working on a project very close to my heart. A passion project with a big purpose.

I’m proud to announce the official debut of Glambition™ Radio… a unique weekly radio show for women that’s focused on the stories and advice of top women entrepreneurs and leaders. 

Women are rewriting the rules for business success, making money, and changing the world. Being feminine in business is now an incredible advantage, and Glambition™ celebrates that, encourages that, and starts a powerful conversation around that.

Each week, join me for powerful interviews with today’s top entrepreneurs, new thought leaders, passionate business builders, and catalysts of change. Special guests featured in the initial launch weeks include:

* Alli Webb, founder and president of The Dry Bar blow-dry phenomenon
* Tory Johnson, Good Morning America contributor and author of The Shift
* Jessica Herrin, founder & CEO of “social selling” jewelry company Stella & Dot
* Alexa von Tobel, founder & CEO of LearnVest and author of Financially Fearless
* Porter Gale, author of Your Network is Your Net Worth and former VP of Marketing for Virgin America
* Kara Goldin, conscious capitalist, founder and CEO of Hint Water
* Pam Slim, author of Body of Work and Escape from Cubicle Nation
* JJ Virgin, celebrity fitness expert, NY Times bestselling author of The Virgin Diet

Women’s entrepreneurship is a hot topic, with nearly half of all new businesses in the U.S. being launched by women, the number of women-owned firms increasing steadily at a rate of 1½ times the national average, and Forbes declaring that 2014 will be a breakout year for women entrepreneurs.

But this won’t be a typical business show. 😉 I’m most interested in the stories behind the women’s successes. The ideas that everyone else thought were crazy. The ‘WTF’ moments when they didn’t know how they would keep going. How their success has influenced their family and others. And the wild ride of a purpose-driven life that we wouldn’t trade for the world. We’re going to have a TON of fun.

It’s time… to celebrate and support women doing incredible things in the world—from business… to philanthropy… to leading new movements in how we think and feel about ourselves.

Glambition Radio officially debuts TODAY on iTunes. It’s free to subscribe, and I’m excited for you to join me.

Join me on iTunes now to listen to Episode 1.

Love and success,


P.S. I decided to deliver the show via a podcast format to enable women around the world to listen digitally and on-demand—whether it’s on your computer or on your smart-phone or in your car. New episodes will be posted weekly, and when you subscribe you’ll receive them automatically.  Go here now and get started!


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