Jo Piazza, Best-Selling Author of “How to Be Married" — Glambition Radio Episode 131 with Ali Brown - Glambition Radio

Jo Piazza, Best-Selling Author of “How to Be Married" — Glambition Radio Episode 131 with Ali Brown

[smart_track_player url="" title="Jo Piazza, Best-Selling Author of “How to Be Married" — Glambition Radio Episode 131 with Ali Brown" ] Jo Piazza on Glambition Radio with Ali BrownShe’s an award-winning journalist and bestselling author of seven books, but it was Jo Piazza’s most recent nonfiction “How to Be Married” that got my attention. And I have to say this was one of the most entertaining conversations we’ve had on Glambition Radio. (Including my 4-year-old son busting in on us, but I digress…)

After years of “dating everyone in New York City” without finding husband material, Jo made peace with never getting married. Then, when she wasn’t looking, it happened: While on assignment in the Galapagos Islands, she met her now-husband, Nick, and was head over heels.

But after their wedding (just nine months later), Jo realized… She had no idea how to actually be married, and she started to panic. At the time she was working as a travel editor for Yahoo!, so she decided she was globetrotting to ask people from different countries their best how-to-be-married tips. It wasn’t long before she realized this was a book.

Jo interviewed polygamous tribes in Kenya and Tanzania, sophisticated French women in Paris, Orthodox Jews in Jerusalem, women with arranged marriages in India, and more. And the answers were far from what she expected. (She tells all on this episode.)

In the book, Jo also weaves in her own personal story and talks about how the first year of marriage is “really f-ing hard”, contrary to the rosy images we see all the time on social media.

But what REALLY made this a great show was hearing about all of Jo’s combined careers and adventures over the years! For those of you who have always felt your way into new things, you’re going to love how this gal rolls.

On the show, we also cover:

* the wake-up moment she had when she was a celebrity columnist covering Britney Spears’ infamous 2007 breakdown

* the sexy advice she got from women in France about marriage!

* the best writing tip she learned while working for the fast-paced and raucous New York Daily News

* how her first book—Celebrity, Inc.: How Famous People Make Money—published, even though she didn’t know anything about the publishing world

* her secret to writing a book a year – from nonfiction to novels

* why she and the women she interviewed think Americans get marriage wrong (this was really interesting) 

* AND, for the first time EVER, you get to hear one of my kids bust in on an interview. (It was so cute I had to leave it in!)

I also asked Jo about her forthcoming book “Charlotte Walsh Likes To Win”, and we discuss how it’s VERY timely with today’s events. (Its heroine runs for office in a state where a woman has never won a Senate seat, and has to endure a lot on the way to the top.)

This episode is fast-paced and jam-packed — you don’t want to wait to hear it.  Listen to this episode of Glambition Radio now.

Love and Success,

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