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Kate Ancketill, Retail Futurist — Glambition® Radio Episode 226 with Ali Brown

Kate Ancketill on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown
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Will ‘retail therapy’ ever be the same? Despite current shopping limitations, we are still discovering ways to satisfy this natural human urge. But what will it look like in the future? And, how can we as business owners plan for upcoming trends?

Meet retail futurist Kate Ancketill, who continues to answer these questions for some 30 of the world’s largest consumer brands. Her London-based firm GDR Creative Intelligence is a business consultancy specializing in future trends of customer experience and consumer behavior.

On Glambition Radio, Kate and I discuss the massive societal + technological shifts affecting retail environments in this time of Covid and beyond. We also dive into the elements of a ‘marketplace’ that humans are driven to seek… and why these ingrained needs aren’t changing any time soon — no matter what the current mandates are.

Her clients have included P&G, Target, Sephora, Tesco, Waitrose, Microsoft and Google, and she’s THE keynote speaker on trends for the world’s largest retail organization, the National Retail Federation.

On this episode of #GlambitionRadio, you’ll hear:

  • How physical retail spaces are transforming with the rise in digital shopping—and why this can actually create closer, in-person communities…
  • How Kate worked her way up from an administrative shop sweeper to a global consultant— including a BIG LEAP just four years into her design agency career…
  • Signs of success as major brands rapidly respond (or not) to an unpredictable pandemic, shifting cultural priorities, AND an up-and-coming Gen Z market…
  • Kate shares a piece of wisdom that has never been spoken before on the show… yet is incredibly important at every stage of your professional journey!
  • Why looking outside of your industry is critical for business evolution + expansion — plus, hear a new media discovery that I found rather insightful!

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