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Laura Roeder, Founder and CEO of MeetEdgar — Glambition Radio Episode 127 with Ali Brown

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Her social media software MeetEdgar is changing the game of how we publish and recycle content, she’s grown her company to annual revenues of $4 million, and she’s leading the social media industry to a whole new level of cred. Meet the legendary Laura Roeder on this week’s Glambition Radio.

I actually briefly met Laura in late 2008 when she attended my Online Success Blueprint Workshop. She took what she learned there and switched gears from web design to the world of social media marketing and info products. Laura’s online courses have taught tens of thousands of entrepreneurs how to harness the power of social media. She has given talks at conferences like BlogHer and South by Southwest, and even President Obama asked her to speak at the White House. This gal is the real deal. But what I REALLY love about Laura is the “sharp right turn” she took when she founded MeetEdgar. Hear the whole story on this week’s episode.

On the show, we discuss:

* what she put on the front page of her site to build her list during the initial launch stage

* why simplicity is key (she agrees you don’t need a 14-step funnel)

* how she leads her team — it stems from the human condition and the culture that she’s created

* the communication rule she has with her team of 30 virtual employees (we come from different schools of thought, but this was fascinating)

* who Edgar is — I love her method of naming projects!

* why it’s important to connect with your customers regularly (don’t assume they want the same thing they wanted five years ago)

* how Laura met her husband (who just so happened to be a software developer!) and how they travel with a toddler all while growing their business

On the show Laura and I also discuss sexism in the tech industry and how it showed up in an interview at MeetEdgar. She’s created a whole new interview process to combat the issue!

On this episode of Glambition Radio, Laura and I also talk about why you shouldn’t wait until it’s perfect to make it live, the one thing you have to remember when you’re traveling with small kids, and why working in a clean house is a must for us — it’s okay to hire help (Laura even pays for cleaners for her remote team).

You’re not going to want to miss this. So head over to iTunes and listen to this episode of Glambition Radio now (or download for later).

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