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Lisa Oz, Author & Producer, this week on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown

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Lisa Oz - Glambition Radio 2So who do I run into while in the long ladies’ room line at this year’s Forbes Women’s Summit? None other than THE Lisa Oz. I’d had the pleasure of meeting her the year before at a private event, and I was delighted to reconnect (even while waiting for the loo).
If you’re not familiar with The Doctor’s better half, you are in for a real treat because Lisa Oz is my guest on this week’s Glambition Radio.
Lisa is currently host of The Lisa Oz Show on Veria Living TV. She’s also editor-at-large of her husband’s new magazine, Dr. Oz: The Good Life. And in addition to writing the New York Times bestseller US: Transforming Ourselves and the Relationships that Matter Most, she has co-authored five of the bestselling YOU: The Owner’s Manual series, which helped propel Dr. Oz to his current stardom.
Lisa and Mehmet have been married for nearly 30 years, they have four children. (Their eldest Daphne is creating a TV career for herself too.) She’s edgy, authentic, and keeps it real. She actually surprised me in many ways during our chat, and you’ll have to listen to the interview to see what I mean.
On this episode of Glambition Radio, you’ll hear….

  • How Lisa and Mehmet have stayed grounded all these years, and her best secret to a successful relationship
  • How an early turn at a seminary gave her a new perspective on God and religion
  • How she finally wrote her bestselling book in no time flat (after months of agony)
  • Why she says being a grandmother is “a great life lesson”
  • The provocative spiritual book Lisa’s reading that’s “blowing her mind”
  • What life is really like having a family in the limelight

After years of quietly being a behind-the-scenes powerhouse for her husband’s brand, Lisa Oz is coming out strong. And we love her. You can listen to this episode of Glambition Radio by clicking the play button below. And if you want to hear my most recent episodes head over to iTunes to listen or subscribe for automatic updates.

Listen here now:

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