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Myoshia Boykin-Anderson, Tech Entrepreneur — Glambition® Radio Episode 219 with Ali Brown

Myoshia Boykin-Anderson on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown
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The American Dream is still alive and well, my friends. In the beginning the cards were stacked against Myoshia Boykin-Anderson, and especially during her childhood years: a tough upbringing in Houston’s ‘Third Ward’, a drug-addicted mother, an education that capped at high school, and an early pregnancy soon after.

Today Myoshia is an award-winning entrepreneur who owns AndTech Solutions — a multiple 7-figure tech company — and has empowered her own family and others at the same time.

Her secret? She never stopped trying.

On #GlambitionRadio, you’ll hear how my client Myoshia’s determined, ‘get it done’ attitude helped her navigate and persevere through her career’s many evolutions… and it’s why I find her story so impressive.

Her business provides custom application development and other technology services to some of the top U.S. companies and organizations. They’ve implemented applications responsible for managing over 56 million users across 25 states, and also currently consult with small businesses in creating custom solutions to meet their technology challenges.

On this episode, you’ll hear:

  • The 5 unforgettable words that inspired Myoshia to launch her first business… after MONTHS of dead-end sales calls!
  • How she initially found comfort and confidence in creating and controlling solutions to challenging technological problems (this is also how she fell in love with tech)
  • The precious commodity that her firm helps clients reclaim through custom systems (where can you create more of THIS resource for your business?)
  • Myoshia’s core belief system that sustained her through a challenging home life and professional curveballs
  • Her boss’s ‘audacious’ request on the last day at the office… and how she responded with grace!

I’ve been delighted to witness Myoshia really stepping into her leadership this year as a client and also a founding member of The Trust, my new network for 7- and 8-figure female business leaders.

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