Natasha Case, CEO + Co-Founder of Coolhaus Ice Cream — Glambition Radio Episode 170 with Ali Brown - Glambition Radio

Natasha Case, CEO + Co-Founder of Coolhaus Ice Cream — Glambition Radio Episode 170 with Ali Brown

Natasha Case, founder of Coolhaus ice cream, on the Glambition Radio podcast with Ali Brown
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It was during a walk down the freezer aisle that Natasha Case saw it: No one had innovated in the ice cream category in decades. And none of the brands on the shelf spoke to her, as a millennial and a woman. In this candid episode of Glambition Radio, Natasha opens up about the risks it took to start Coolhaus Ice Cream, and how she and her co-founder (now wife) Freya navigated the challenges of their business, marriage, and becoming parents.

I am amazed by Natasha’s story, and the vision and courage it took to go from her architecture background to… ice cream! On #GlambitionRadio Natasha explains how she knew the timing was right for her passionate hobby — making ice cream and cookies for colleagues and friends — to become something bigger. Food trucks were just entering the scene in L.A. when she and Freya put it all on the line: They bought an old, beat-up postal van (for $2,500 off Craigslist) and started selling their ice cream to see if they had a viable product. And their test gig was no small one —Coachella!

Natasha has been named ’30 Under 30’ by Forbes and Zagat, and Coolhaus ice cream is sold in over 7,500 grocery stores from Safeway to Whole Foods, and internationally. You will love her warmth and energy, and our holistic discussion of all things business, family life, and kids.

On today’s episode, we also discuss:

*Why it’s dangerous when you know too much about your category (I couldn’t agree more. She is singing my song!)

*What happened when a small farmer’s market rejected them… and why they decided to ‘go big or go home’ by debuting their product to over 100,000 people at Coachella!

*How Natasha and Freya knew it was time for Freya to leave the business (Natasha goes there in this episode, and doesn’t hold back from sharing how they managed the business and their relationship)

*How the generosity of two veterans of the ice cream and cookie business helped Natasha and Freya get their start (I love this story, because none of us would be where we are today without this kind of mentorship and support)

*Why adding a dairy-free line requires a new level of creativity (you won’t believe how they make their dairy-free ice cream… and I can say from personal experience that it’s delicious!)

Listen to this episode of Glambition Radio now (or download it for later). And make sure to look for Coolhaus ice cream next time you’re at the store!



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