Susan Hyatt, Creator of ‘The Bare Process’ — Glambition® Radio Episode 236 with Ali Brown - Glambition Radio

Susan Hyatt, Creator of ‘The Bare Process’ — Glambition® Radio Episode 236 with Ali Brown

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It’s time to divorce ‘diet culture.’ And I don’t mean breaking up with aiming to be healthy. It’s simply time to take a deep dive into the self-imposed restrictions holding you back from your next personal evolution.

And here to guide you into action to set those ambitious goals, go after your deepest desires, and actually reach them (and enjoy them!) is life coach and creator of ‘The Bare Process’, Susan Hyatt.

The advice she shared on the show today was powerful, but it’s Susan’s ‘take no prisoners’ attitude I found most engaging, and I think you will too.

While running a successful real estate firm in her early career, Susan was plagued by a common concern among women: her body image + weight. Although her professional success was soaring, the same couldn’t be said for her joy. And after pivoting from a willpower ‘diet’ mentality to a more pleasure-based appreciation practice, Susan unlocked new levels of satisfaction and success in ALL areas of her life… and started a NEW career as a life coach, as you’ll hear on Glambition Radio.

Susan is the author of two books, ‘BARE’ and ‘Create Your Own Luck’. She’s been featured in publications like O: The Oprah Magazine, Woman’s World, Cosmopolitan, and The Huffington Post.

On this episode of #GlambitionRadio, you’ll hear:

  • Why Susan says weight loss is actually irrelevant(!!) — and what you should focus on instead of counting calories all day.
  • How to identify the motivation behind your goals—and why this will take the pressure off your ‘white knuckle’ approach to accomplishment
  • The sneaky way our brains distract us when we’re on the brink of a breakthrough… and how to unwind the nagging voice that says there’s more perfecting to be done!
  • A fascinating theory behind creating a beautiful environment for yourself—and how this effect extends into your mental, emotional, and physical performance
  • Susan’s relatable attempt at becoming a ‘Martha Stewart meets Betty Crocker’ stay-at-home-mom… and how a denim shirt blew her cover! (You must hear my hilarious take on this as well.)

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Resource Links:

  • Read Susan’s book, ‘Bare’
  • Learn more about Susan’s coaching on her website
  • Learn more about The Trust– my new premier network for 7+8-figure women entrepreneurs
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