‘The Eventual Millionaire’ Summer Show Flip #3— Glambition® Radio Episode 291 with Ali Brown - Glambition Radio

‘The Eventual Millionaire’ Summer Show Flip #3— Glambition® Radio Episode 291 with Ali Brown

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It’s ‘Flip the Script’ Summer here on #GlambitionRadio, so that means YOU get to hear the tables turned on ME… in four of the BEST interviews I’ve been on over the past year or two!


This week, you’ll hear my interview by Jaime Masters on her inspiring podcast ‘The Eventual Millionaire’. (Be sure to subscribe here.) We recorded this back in 2020, but it was SO GOOD… I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss it. 


Jaime has me share my story through all its evolutions, twists and turns… back into the ‘90s and even prior to that. It was such a magical time — when the web first came alive. I share how I knew immediately from that first dial-up connection it was going to be a gamechanger for my future. 


And all these fun facts came out of this conversation – for example, I stayed up nights learning how to do basic code, so I could fix my first websites quickly when needed. 


On this episode of ‘Eventual Millionaire’ on Glambition Radio, you’ll hear:

  • Why you need to start doing the OPPOSITE of what everyone else in your industry is doing (for the sake of your future) 
  • Why ‘making better programs’ than your competition is not enough anymore (and what to do about it)
  • How I changed my business focus and evolved ‘old’ business practices to achieve more success + happiness (so many of us are at this place right now) 
  • The secrets to making an impact as a woman entrepreneur in the masculine world of business
  • Why you need to assess and disrupt your metrics, especially when making a transition (including tips on how to do it!)
  • And so many other juicy tidbits! Including a few fun things about my kids and family. 

Jaime Masters, also known as ‘The Eventual Millionaire’, has been helping business owners simplify and become more profitable for over 10 years. She has interviewed 500 multi-millionaires on her podcast on how they’ve created and sustained millionaire wealth. (I was honored to be one of them!) 


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