‘The False Gods of Your Business’— Glambition® Radio Episode 298 with Ali Brown - Glambition Radio

‘The False Gods of Your Business’— Glambition® Radio Episode 298 with Ali Brown

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Do you remember the Bible story about the golden calf? It’s basically revealing of human nature and our tendency to stray away from what’s true in the name of what’s new, sexier, faster, or ‘here right now’. This is one of my favorite stories that we can also relate to in business. Because we have all created – or have even been told to workshop  – our own golden calves… or ‘false gods’. 

For the first time ever, in this episode of #GlambitionRadio, I break down 7 false gods I see most every day in the businesses I have worked with. There are many more, but these are my top 7! They range from a few of the most obvious (like topline revenues) all the way to some of the most insidious (obsession of status within certain business communities). 

I was on FIRE for this one, and it’s an important show to listen to. Because unless you become aware of these and then get clear on what is true for YOU — it’s too easy to not only follow these calves around, but let them tow you by the nose!

The concept of getting clear on what is true for YOU and your business (and jettisoning what isn’t) is something we’ll be diving into at ICONIC: The Revolution, my event happening  on Wednesday + Thursday, November 2+3, 2022 here in Phoenix, AZ. 

ICONIC is all about disrupting your past patterns of ‘business think’, getting clear on what’s true for YOU and your business, and setting course for your next incredible chapter of your career…. Your true ICONIC work in the world. And you’ll do all this surrounded by dozens of brilliant women entrepreneurs – the majority of which run $1M+ businesses! It’s a win-win-win. 

But right now we have less than 20 seats left, so don’t delay – learn more here now and apply to join us. (We do have an application process.) 

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