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‘The Power of Exclusion’ — Glambition® Radio Episode 195 with Ali Brown

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Does the word ‘exclusion’ make you cringe? Is it because all the talk is about *inclusion* these days? Well, I get it. But here’s the rub: Exclusion may be the BEST concept you’ve put into your business in a long time, when it comes to selecting your market and your offerings in an ultra-focused way.

Because right now, more than ever, the ultimate poison is selling to everyone. In fact, my not-so-pretty alternate name for this episode was… ‘The Mass Marketing Sh–show.’

Here’s why…

We *know* we shouldn’t be marketing to everybody. But in real life, our knowing becomes very separated from adhering to this adage. Why is that? Because the idea of targeting LESS people causes our brains to go into a conscious – or subconscious — mild panic.

So we avoid it.

We spend all day aiming for tons of followers and LIKES – shooting for the lowest common denominator.

We post VANILLA content that everyone will agree with (or at least generates the least amount of disruption with our audiences).

We create programs or products that EVERYONE in our category can use, and price them so that most all can afford it.

We stay in a lane that’s POPULAR, and where we happen to ‘appear’ most successful due to sheer volume.

We value our success by HIGH numbers, everywhere, no matter what the real meaning is behind them.

The next part of it is a bit insidious. At first, this all looks good, and sales could be streaming in at a pretty good clip. But then, general popularity breeds competition, and so we start having to do MORE and work harder to stand out and not only excel, but just achieve the results we used to.

We start to discount more and drop prices to win business.

We cram more and more into our offerings… to ‘add value’ to stand out from everyone else. (19 bonuses, anyone?)

And all the while, the larger volume of sales and customers necessitates a larger team to manage them, and all the activity.

Profits on the product alone begin to decrease, while team and overhead expenses INCREASE, and the strength of the brand slowly diminishes.

Sadly, more often than not, I’ll have a client walk in my door in this situation. Often with even a 7- or 8-figure business that’s become trapped in its own formula of success that worked at first, but then became a bit of a mass market machine that is eating them alive, and they need help forging the way out.

(And this phenomenon isn’t just limited to businesses like ours. Giant publishers and big companies have been struggling with these shifts, while niche sites, brands, and offerings have been not only weathering the storm, but thriving.)

So have a think about narrowing your market — a certain portion of your audience — or narrowing your offerings — specializing in a specific product or service.

Your results could be astounding, ranging from dramatically increased profits, simpler marketing plans that convert, reduced competition, and easier alliances with partners who promote you.

On today’s episode of #GlambitionRadio, I’ll walk you through what to think about when narrowing your market or offerings – along with some dangers you need to consider when you do this. (Hint: Much of this is about winning the mind game with yourself.)

I’ve walked clients through many kinds of these shifts over the years. And here’s the thing. It’s not always EASY, but once the changes are made, I’m telling you… business flows so much more beautifully.

Amateurs market to everyone; pros get focused.

(BTW, that’s what led me to creating The Trust, my new, private, premier global network for women entrepreneurs with businesses generating $1M+ annually. This isn’t only about who it’s for; it’s who it’s NOT for. And that took some courage to decide. You can learn more on this episode where I shared all the details, or — if you qualify — request an informational interview with us at JoinTheTrust.org.)

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