Tiffany Hendra, Style + Confidence Coach — Glambition® Radio Episode 247 with Ali Brown - Glambition Radio

Tiffany Hendra, Style + Confidence Coach — Glambition® Radio Episode 247 with Ali Brown

Tiffany Hendra on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown
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Get ready for a fantastic mix of faith, failures, fashion, fame, and real-time girlfriend chat. If you love an inspiring transformation story, then you won’t want to miss this wild ride of a conversation with my friend (and #RHOD alum) Tiffany Hendra.

After knowing each other in Los Angeles years ago, our lives took (very!) different paths, and this is our official reunion. But I was especially excited to dive into Tiffany’s real story, which underneath the glamorous exterior, is centered on steadfast resolve… for herself, and to help other women.

After a whirlwind international modeling career and 20+ year stint in television and media, Tiffany knew there must be more to life besides the world of entertainment and partying in Hollywood. (She later realized much of that was to mentally escape a lifetime of personal traumas.)

It’s this intense inner-healing journey that Tiffany now uses to empower women all over the world to become their most authentic + fabulous selves. Through her online platforms Sanctuary of Style, #SoThrive, and 1:1 coaching, Tiffany helps women of all backgrounds achieve a true elevation of self… to break through past circumstances and live a more purposeful and confident life. This woman is truly style and substance.

On this episode of #GlambitionRadio, you’ll hear:

  • How a young Tiffany was ‘plucked from obscurity’ to become an international model… a far cry from the trailer she grew up in. (Hear how her family reacted to her worldly travels at such a young age.)
  • How Tiffany discovered health + healing after a near-death drug overdose… and the massive shift in spirit that changed the course of her life
  • How Tiffany actually had NO idea that she would appear in ‘Real Housewives of Dallas’ while it was being filmed — it was presented to the women as a show about Dallas women in philanthropy! (This story was unbelievable to hear; I had no idea.)
  • The winding road to meet her Aussie hubby — musician Aaron Hendra — and how the filming of RHOD affected their marriage
  • Plus many more stories, including a peek into our ‘former’ lives back in LA (OK we did have a lot of fun ;))

Pour yourself a glass of wine for this one! It’s the ultimate girlfriend catchup session.

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