‘2021: Liberation’ — Glambition® Radio Episode 242 with Ali Brown - Glambition Radio

‘2021: Liberation’ — Glambition® Radio Episode 242 with Ali Brown

2021: Liberation on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown
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Welcome to 2021. While there is still some dissonance in the air, we feel the harmony approaching. So that’s great news. BUT… we’re not nearly through the tunnel yet. That’s what this show is about today. The good, the bad, the ugly… and then the incredible good on the other side.

And now, here we are. We just wrapped up a damn heavy year. Even for those who fared very well (many of my clients had their best business years ever), it came with many new challenges and circumstances they needed to navigate through. And personal realizations as well.

So interesting: The numerology of 2020 was symbolic of responsibility, order, and work. Restriction designed to force us to discover our inner resources.

‘Covid’ was undeniably our catalyst to find out what we are made of, what we could handle, and how we could find opportunities within the limitations.

But 2021? It’s our year of liberation, truth, and joy.

If there ever was a time for us to truly step into what we feel we most want to be, do, and have. It is NOW.

I packed a lot into this one, and among the many gems I’ll be sharing are:

  • My own inner transformation through 2020 into 2021 (I really get personal here, as there are quite a few things I haven’t shared before)
  • How to start harnessing the incredible 5D energies available to us now to power your personal success during this ascension
  • A quick primer on ‘what IS this whole 5th dimension/ascension thing?!’ if it’s new for you
  • The good news of the outdated patriarchal power-structures currently crumbling (or about to be blown up entirely) and what this means for us
  • The 12 Gifts of 2020 — powerful pieces of wisdom gained from my members of *The Trust* (some of these may surprise you)
  • And a sneak peek of the huge opportunities I see coming this year for all entrepreneurs who step up to the challenge!

Oh, and, THANK YOU for all your questions and requested talking points for this show responding to the callouts I made on social a few weeks ago. Some of those may be addressed with the content on this show, but the good news is I received so many REALLY good ones that I’m posting an entire bonus Q+A episode right after this one! That will give me more time to dive into answering some of the meaty questions that were submitted. I’ll give you a preview of what’s to come at the end of this show.

(Psst — I hereby declare this show also counts as Part 2 of my ‘The Big Mess in the Middle’ episode from this past fall. 😉 If you want to go back and hear that one, it was Episode 225, and a damn good one — it really set the stage for what to expect over the next several months. We’ll put a link in the show notes for you.)

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