‘Q&A, Predictions and Cautions’ — Glambition Radio Episode 243 with Ali Brown - Glambition Radio

‘Q&A, Predictions and Cautions’ — Glambition Radio Episode 243 with Ali Brown

Q&A, Predictions and Cautions on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown
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Buckle up, Buttercup! While the next few weeks are sure to be a storm based on current events, this episode is to help GROUND you in the beautiful (and guaranteed) opportunities that are on the other side. I promise there is light at the end of the tunnel… and this too shall pass.

We as a human collective are undergoing immense transformation, and January is going to MOVE FAST, with many unexpected events. So I also want to slip in a few important WARNINGS on how to be ready, so you feel SOLID and SAFE both in your body and in your mind for your present… and your future. As leaders, making decisions and working from a place of confidence is the only true place we can and should operate from.

On this ‘pop-up’ episode of #GlambitionRadio I share:

·      A few ways in which you should PROTECT yourself and your family going into this year (Let’s be honest — we need to be ready for anything. Are you?)

·      Current and coming *new business opportunities* to consider this year (this is the exciting place in which you should ANCHOR your visions now)

·      Indicators of a true ‘business resurge’ forthcoming likely in Q2 (and where you can learn more)

·      My personal PREDICTIONS on specific business markets including education, healthcare, travel, and coaching/leadership as well as categories like social media

·      And I answer many of YOUR questions submitted to me recently (thank you!)

Please, this is a must-listen, especially if you need a voice of reason right now. I had no idea when I recorded this a few days ago how timely and needed this episode would be!

Turn OFF the mainstream news and tune IN to remember who you are.

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