Chantelle Bruinsma, CEO + Founder of Studio Expansion — Glambition Radio Episode 162 with Ali Brown - Glambition Radio

Chantelle Bruinsma, CEO + Founder of Studio Expansion — Glambition Radio Episode 162 with Ali Brown

Chantelle Duffield on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown
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Meet the Australian who’s made millions from her groundbreaking coaching programs specifically for dance studio owners… but only AFTER she CUT 60% of the content from her initial courses. What? Yes… it was the best thing she could have done. The biggest mistake many info-preneurs make is overloading their new members with too much content at once. And sadly, in the quest to ‘wow’ our clients, it simply overwhelms them, and they slip away. But in this case, she nailed it, leading to even better results for her clients. 

On #GlambitionRadio, my 3-year Premier client Chantelle Bruinsma, CEO and Founder of Studio Expansion, has solid advice that I want everyone to hear: simplify, simplify, simplify. You’ll hear in detail the dramatic changes she made to improve her program conversions and retention, and how she changed as a leader in her business as well.

But how did this all begin? Years ago, Chantelle founded a successful performing arts studio in Sydney that rapidly expanded to six venues in just four years. With a team of 35 teachers and over 1,000 students, Chantelle was not surprisingly asked to share her strategies, and that’s how Studio Expansion was born. She is on a mission to redefine the studio business by helping studio owners succeed, experience more passion, more profits, and more purpose.

With Chantelle at the helm, Studio Expansion’s online community has helped studios from around the world attract more students, boost retention, and build a loyal team. And she’s helped some larger organizations as well which have contracted with her for consulting and partnerships, including Dance Informa Magazine, Kindermusik International, and Jackrabbit Studio Management Software. In addition, Chantelle has sat on multiple Performing Arts Boards and acted as an Ambassador for national organizations such as Music Count Us In, ABC’s Sing Books, Schools Spectacular and The Arts Unit. It’s pretty clear this gal is dedicated to the performing arts, period.

On the show, we also discuss:

*How to make launches IRRELEVANT to your business (doesn’t that just make your heart sing?)

*The importance of what I call purposeful perception™ and how Chantelle used it to position herself to truly be in a league of her own and incomparable to any other ‘coach’ or training in her industry

*The question Chantelle always asks herself to determine whether she can build a scalable business for the long haul

*Her tips on how to build and keep an incredible team (her hiring process is key—her job descriptions alone are three pages long)

*In her own words, what she’s gained from being part of my Premier Group (and why she renewed three years in a row)

*How you can build a legacy by focusing on your community

*The importance of NOT letting your market tell you how to run your business (YOU are the one who leads)

*How her first marriage made her commit to never shrink herself in both her professional and personal life

*Chantelle’s sharp response to a few trolls who viciously tried to sabotage her business

**This was one of our juiciest interviews EVER with tons of practical information you can apply to your business right away.**

Listen to this episode of Glambition Radio now (or download for later).

Xo Ali

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