It’s ‘Flip the Script’ Summer! — Glambition® Radio Episode 288 with Ali Brown - Glambition Radio

It’s ‘Flip the Script’ Summer! — Glambition® Radio Episode 288 with Ali Brown

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Happy summer! The twins and I are packing to leave next week for our annual road trip through Southern California. So what am I doing with #GlambitionRadio while we’re gone? Something NEW and fun, and I’ve wanted to do this for quite awhile…


It started with many of you asking for more SOLO episodes – ones where I share more about my observations, advice, and stories from my experiences.


And I was thinking, well what’s the next best thing to doing a summer series of solo episodes? The answer was a summer series of great shows where you can hear ME interviewed.


So the entire month of June will be ‘Flip the Script Summer’ here on Glambition Radio! And today’s episode walks you through it all.


I’ve been on some super shows over the last year or two. And these interviewers led me into some DEEP conversations where some of my BEST anecdotes, admissions, and revelations have come out. And I want to share these with you.


On this episode — and throughout these weekly ‘shows within a show’—you’ll hear me dish on…


* The insanity taught within many of the brainwashed online marketing spaces

* The why + how of the ‘sharp right turn’ I made back in the mid 2010s, when I decided to disassemble my complex business and large-scale programs… create some space… and instead rebuild something I was feeling deeply called to.

* Behind-the-scenes details of my experience on the ABC primetime reality show ‘Secret Millionaire’ back in 2011, and the profound impact it had on the direction of my business and identity, and so much more.

* A full walkthrough of how I built a profitable 20+ year brand – one that’s gone through many variations to suit my personal evolutions

*My own human design + life purpose, which has helped me continually re-tune into my ‘north star’ over the years

*And we take it back to the ‘90’s Ali,’ where I share the story of picking up one of those AOL CDs for the first time — I knew the trajectory of my business would change forever (And if you have no idea what I’m talking about, we’ll explain to you, LOL)

*How I feel your BEST bet today is to do things the complete opposite of your industry

*The consequences of operating out of alignment, and why it is more important than ever for women to get in tune with who we really are to fully honor and trust themselves

*Changes happening within the feminine collective and how to address and identify triggers to help you powerfully uplevel and become a more confident leader

*The decision to homeschool my twins, who just turned 9

…and SO much more.


Listen now to this episode giving the FULL scoop on these hosts and shows, a lot more details, and what to expect over the next few weeks. Also, I share about our summer plans and how the kids just love traveling. 🙂


Have a wonderful season. My team will keep things going until I’m back in a month or two.


And remember – get out and play. We only have so many summers in this lifetime.


Xo Ali


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