‘She Talks Business’ Summer Show Flip #1 — Glambition® Radio Episode 289 with Ali Brown - Glambition Radio

‘She Talks Business’ Summer Show Flip #1 — Glambition® Radio Episode 289 with Ali Brown

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It’s ‘Flip the Script’ Summer here on #GlambitionRadio, so that means YOU get to hear the tables turned on ME… in four of the BEST interviews I’ve been on over the past year or two!


To kick things off, here’s my interview by Lisa Larter on her fantastic ‘She Talks Business’ podcast. (Be sure to subscribe here.) Lisa and I agree on so many things, including the insanity taught within many of the brainwashed online marketing spaces. 


Not only is Lisa a solid coach and 7-figure business leader, she is also a past client and one of the founding members of The Trust. During our conversation, we dive into the why + how of the ‘sharp right turn’ I made back in the early 2010s, when I decided to disassemble my complex business and large-scale programs… and instead rebuild something I was feeling deeply called to.


On this episode of ‘She Talks Business’ on Glambition Radio, you’ll hear:

  • The behind-the-scenes details of my experience on the ABC reality show ‘Secret Millionaire’ back in 2011, and the profound impact it had on the direction of my business and identity
  • How I found the courage to let go of my multi-seven figure business and huge team (and what my biggest fear truly was during this time)  
  • The warning signs to look and listen for that will let YOU know it’s time to change lanes (before it’s too late) 
  • How I launched (and then quickly shifted) The Trust, my premier network for 7 + 8 figure entrepreneurs, right when the pandemic hit (this organization was intended to revolve solely around in-person meetings!)
  • My take on what it means to become a category of one versus a thought leader

If you aren’t familiar with my background and story, this episode is one you won’t want to miss!


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