Jennifer Allwood, Author of ‘Fear Is Not the Boss of You’ — Glambition® Radio Episode 217 with Ali Brown - Glambition Radio

Jennifer Allwood, Author of ‘Fear Is Not the Boss of You’ — Glambition® Radio Episode 217 with Ali Brown

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When God closes a door, somewhere a window opens. And throughout her life, my Glambition Radio guest has harnessed her faith to transform a fair share of closed doors into the most beautifully decorated, Pinterest-famous (literally!) windows. And today, she’s teaching thousands of women how to embrace their talents and create opportunity through her faith-based online coaching.

Jennifer Allwood is an interior decorator-turned-online entrepreneur and women’s business mentor. Her brand-new book, ‘Fear Is Not the Boss of You’, is for ANY woman overwhelmed with indecision, fear, or feeling just plain stuck in business or life. On #GlambitionRadio, you’ll learn how Jennifer overcame her own success suppressors to build a booming coaching business that ‘motivates women to pursue their God-given, creative callings through bold action and no-nonsense Biblical truth.’

Jennifer launched her first interior decorating company in 2000 and discovered her knack for marketing + sales during a personal financial crisis. She quickly grew her business and today coaches nearly 3,000 clients per month. She’s been featured in Forbes, USA Today, DIY Network, Extreme Makeover Home Edition, and many more.

On this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How Jennifer straddles being a woman of faith AND an unabashed businesswoman (and why these are not mutually exclusive!)
  • Why women’s success today is shifting traditional ‘breadwinner’ dynamics… and tips to navigate these new pendulum swings in marriage
  • The three root issues keeping women small in business and life… and Jennifer’s essential tool for getting unstuck (Surprise! It’s NOT another business strategy…)
  • How to overcome fear-based emotions with wisdom and radical trust—because your feelings don’t always tell the truth!
  • Jennifer’s eye-opening consequence from having too much FUN during her freshman year of college! (I think we can all relate to this, even just a little… 😉 )

I appreciated Jennifer’s radiant positivity during my last ICONIC event, and I know you’ll understand why during this interview!

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