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Kris Plachy of ‘Lead Your Team’ — Glambition® Radio Episode 216 with Ali Brown

Kris Plachy on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown
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TEAM issues. They are often the sticking place for many entrepreneurs as they venture into the 7+8 figures… and well beyond. There’s a ‘make or break’ point where we either get stuck where we are, or have the power to create a magically solid team that transports our business dreams into reality.

And today we have just the woman to help us. On this week’s Glambition Radio, Kris Plachy of ‘Lead Your Team’ breaks down team leadership and management into clear and actionable steps to help us get the most out of our teams—and raise our businesses to new levels of success with more clarity, efficiency, and camaraderie.

Kris is someone I consider the unequivocal team leadership and management expert for entrepreneurs like us. After 20+ years of leading, managing, and coaching leaders in corporate, she’s got a fantastic breadth and depth of wisdom around these issues, and breaks them down for us into immediate, simple solutions.

On this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Why entrepreneurs like us shy away from ‘management’—and the critical reasons we MUST invest in this aspect of team leadership
  • The overarching importance of building structure beneath you—so you can apply your energy where it REALLY counts to grow your business
  • How to know when it’s time to ‘FIRE Myrtle’—and ways to help give her a graceful exit (And she’ll share how to know who your Myrtle is. You might be surprised…)
  • Kris’s Five Step Management System—and the two foundational starting points to build your powerhouse team
  • Her surprising college major that she still finds comes in handy at times! (You’ll never guess.)

I was honored Kris hired me earlier this year for a VIP Strategy Day to power up the next level of her business. I was so impressed with her that I hired her myself to help create new frameworks to power up my new team!

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Show Notes:

  • Listen to Kris’s ‘Lead Your Team’ podcast
  • Explore Kris’s ‘Lead Your Team’ coaching
  • Apply for a VIP Strategy Day with me, Ali Brown
  • Learn more about The Trust– my new premier network for 7+8-figure women entrepreneurs
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