Jessica Lorimer, Founder of 'Smart Leaders Sell' — Glambition® Radio Episode 192 with Ali Brown
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Jessica Lorimer, Founder of ‘Smart Leaders Sell’ — Glambition® Radio Episode 192 with Ali Brown

Jessica Lorimer on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown
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This is the story about how a messy but strategic business upset pointed a brilliant young woman into her completely correct category. A keen lifelong interest in human psychology and sales catapulted Jessica Lorimer into a top corporate sales leader. Then, as the founder of Smart Leaders Sell, she transferred her skills into the entrepreneurial space.

And now today, she’s merged the two. On this week’s Glambition Radio, my Premier client Jessica unearths crucial insights about letting go of ‘the known’ in your business, so you can say YES to a more aligned vision for the future.

On today’s episode of #GlambitionRadio, Jessica shares an uncommon perspective around the importance of breaking free from sales B.S. — why leaders shouldn’t be afraid or embarrassed to learn the psychology of people to optimize their business offerings for the right audience (and eliminate the products, services and programs holding them back).

On, you’ll hear:

  • Why a balance of curiosity and rejection helps you identify what makes your customers tick (and keeps them coming back for more)
  • Overlooked corporate sales opportunities that avoid the madness of mass online markets — and bring in bigger deals with less effort ($$$)
  • How selling high-quality offerings with integrity can quietly outperform more accessible and lower price-point competitors
  • Why copycats aren’t your biggest worry — and how to drive innovation to become a ‘category of one’

Watching Jessica scale and align her business has been a joy since she began working with me as a client last year, and I’m excited for you to hear some of her proven insights on today’s episode.

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