Jessica Shortall, author of "Work. Pump. Repeat." on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown - Glambition Radio

Jessica Shortall, author of "Work. Pump. Repeat." on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown

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Jessica Shortall - Glambition RadioAs Director of Giving for Tom’s Shoes, Jessica Shortall made a career of building business-giving models that would change the world. But, when she returned to her full-time job after maternity leave – literally pumping and dumping breast milk all over the globe – she realized her next mission would be to improve the lives of working moms.

On this week’s episode of Glambition Radio, you’ll hear why Jessica thought it was critical to write Work. Pump. Repeat: The New Mom’s Survival Guide To Breastfeeding And Going Back To Work.

Jessica was 10-years old when she told her parents she was going to join the Peace Corps. After college, she went to Uzbekistan and built the locals their first library full of English books. The pride of creating something from nothing, and making lives better, inspired Jessica to become a strategy consultant, helping non-profits and for-profits use their resources to affect change. Her last job at Tom’s was when she took her first post-maternity-leave business trip – and it changed her life forever.

By clicking the play button below you can hear how Jessica’s fears of “failing her baby” turned into a newfound hope for working mothers in her Glambition Radio interview here.

Guilt, anxiety, and inadequacies (and don’t forget spit-up on our professional clothes) are the plight of every working mother. But, what really devastated Jessica how alone she felt in her breastfeeding quest.1442349613

Determined to make the job of returning to work easier, she interviewed mothers from every walk of life — doctors, waitresses, dog groomers, toll-booth operators, lawyers, teachers — and created a guide to help all working moms be successful at the most important job they’ll ever have.

(Honestly the book IS fantastic. I laughed and cried when I read it! And then immediately forwarded it to a good friend.)

On this episode of Glambition Radio, I also share my own breastfeeding story, the moment (involving a total breakdown in Target) I decided to wean my twins, the guilt that came with that, and how we need to talk about this stuff a lot more.

I know you’ll get a lot out of this episode. So click the play button below and listen to this episode of Glambition Radio now.

Listen here now:

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