Sara Yagoub, Founder + CEO of Be Cool Enterprises — Glambition® Radio Episode 257 with Ali Brown - Glambition Radio

Sara Yagoub, Founder + CEO of Be Cool Enterprises — Glambition® Radio Episode 257 with Ali Brown

Sara Yagoub on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown
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The age of the renegade is upon us. And while my guest today owns what some would call a traditional business, her unconventional outlook and actions are transforming the collective consciousness.

Sara Yagoub is the Founder + CEO of Be Cool A/C + Heating and Be Cool Enterprises. And as you’ll hear on Glambition Radio, her journey to entrepreneurship AND spiritual awakening came through a series of eye-opening ‘initiations’.

After recognizing that climbing the corporate ladder was destroying the connection to her inner-knowing, and amassing wealth and status was at the expense of her marriage and family life, Sara’s mission became clear: to ‘unplug’ from the Matrix, and help humanity reconnect to their truth. (Especially when it comes to creating success with ease and on your terms.)

A former overworked ‘corporate-yes-girl’, Sara escaped the 9-to-5 grind to build her own multi-million-dollar company in only 18 months. Along with her A/C business she also created ‘The Referral Circle’, helping high-achieving female entrepreneurs to create referral machines for their businesses. And while her business savvy is impressive, it’s Sara’s clarity on the ‘bigger picture’ and deeper universal truths that I can’t wait for you to hear…

Sara has been featured in Voyage Magazine and served as keynote for many organizations including American Business Women’s Association, WHW2N, Houston Chamber of Commerce, National Business Masterminds and more.

On this episode of #GlambitionRadio, you’ll hear:

  • How—as the child of immigrant parents from India and Africa—Sara was primed for achievement from an early age… and why her ‘prescribed professional path’ quickly began to unravel!
  • Why chasing corporate recognition drove Sara away from her true source of fulfillment… and how starting a business with her husband helped her find that, help others, and transform her greater impact in the world
  • When Sara first recognized that large, established systems (like the corporate culture and medical industry) were forcing spirituality—and even humanity—out of the picture… and how she’s helping others return to this powerful source
  • How there is such power in saying NO, especially as you become more successful. We talk about our calendar ‘rules’ to preserve our space, and declining to embrace every new marketing trend that clamors for our attention.

And I’m thrilled to share that Sara joined us here in Phoenix last week for our Pop-Up Gathering of The Trust. (You can see a photo of us on my IG feed.) I’ve been impressed with her higher perspectives since I met her last year!

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