‘The New Creative Crisis’ — Glambition® Radio Episode 276 with Ali Brown - Glambition Radio

‘The New Creative Crisis’ — Glambition® Radio Episode 276 with Ali Brown

The New Creative Crisis
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We are consuming more than we are creating. And it’s a recipe for disaster. As we enter 2022, this phenomenon is evident both in our businesses (plugging into endless coaching programs, apps, formulas, + solutions) as well as in our lives (absorbing nonstop entertainment, mind-numbing programming, retail, and more). 

Combine that with the fact that for years we have been programmed to ONLY get the ‘right’ answer — whether via our schooling or our careers. And today it’s even worse: We are told what to believe that answer is, and we are asked not to think about the ‘why’… or even question it.  

It is time, my friends, to sound a creative code red.

Because more important than the right answers right now, are the right questions.  

Ones that lead to fresh, new, creative solutions, ideas, and ways of perceiving the world.

>>> If I had to name the ONE single skillset that will dramatically change both your experience and results in 2022, it’s creative thinking.

Creative + critical thinking will set you up for more profound ideas and breakthroughs in your business and life — guaranteed. 

And this NEW solo episode of #GlambitionRadio is here to help you jumpstart this innate superpower that has simply been repressed.

Remember… in our world of entrepreneurship, ‘creative’ doesn’t mean artistic (although that can surely be a part of it)! Instead, we’re talking greater impact, higher profits, more excitement and fulfillment, and more opportunities. 

All good, all around. 

This episode is also a sneak preview of some of the content for my upcoming Creative Strategy Workshop, happening April 6+7 here in Phoenix, AZ. 

It’s going to be a brilliant, intimate gathering of stellar entrepreneurs and changemakers — all focused on breaking out into new ways of thinking. 

We are opening registration soon, and you can get on the Priority Notification List now at www.CreativeStrategyWorkshop.us. 

I guarantee this new creative outlook and skillset will give you just the “fresh thinking” boost you need to start your 2022 right. 

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