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Liliana Lovell, Founder of the Coyote Ugly Saloon + CEO of Ugly Inc. — Glambition Radio Episode 173 with Ali Brown

Coyote Ugly Saloon founder Lil Lovell was just 25 when she opened that first bar in New York City. And I remember hearing about it when I lived there in the ‘90s.

It had become wildly popular overnight, known for its bartenders (and female customers!) dancing on the bar. And then one of her employees — a little-known writer named Elizabeth Gilbert (yes, truly) — wrote a fantastic piece on it when she was freelancing for ‘GQ’ magazine.

Suddenly, Coyote Ugly was thrust into the national spotlight.

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Natasha Case, founder of Coolhaus ice cream, on the Glambition Radio podcast with Ali Brown

Natasha Case, CEO + Co-Founder of Coolhaus Ice Cream — Glambition Radio Episode 170 with Ali Brown

It was during a walk down the freezer aisle that Natasha Case saw it: No one had innovated in the ice cream category in decades. And none of the brands on the shelf spoke to her, as a millennial and a woman. In this candid episode of Glambition Radio, Natasha opens up about the risks it took to start Coolhaus Ice Cream, and how she and her co-founder (now wife) Freya navigated the challenges of their business, marriage, and becoming parents.

I am amazed by Natasha’s story, and the vision and courage it took to go from her architecture background to… ice cream!

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Rebecca Minkoff, LONDON, and becoming ICONIC

How is your summer starting so far? The twins have been out of school for several weeks now, so it seems like we’re already halfway through. Our California Disney trip was a ton of fun—here’s a quick pic of us with the Mouse during our fantastic VIP tour!—but I’m glad to be back to our own sun, fun, and pool right in our own backyard. 🙂 You can catch up with some of our latest pics on my IG profile here.

Now, here’s some quick updates on a few things you may be interested in…


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Kelly Roach on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown

Kelly Roach, Business Growth Coach — Glambition Radio Episode 168 with Ali Brown

‘Nothing is worth this.’ That’s how my client Kelly Roach describes the moment she knew the madness had to stop. She had the launch plans, landing pages, and email funnels for her successful coaching business, but not only was it becoming less effective — she was burning out. On Glambition Radio, Kelly reveals how she threw out all the formulas, simplified everything, and created her ‘Live Launch’ model, which is working better than ever.

What I love about Kelly’s model is that it relies on intuition and human connection… and it works.

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Why I’m a marketing ‘agnostic’…

I’d like to quickly address a question I have received, and that’s regarding my position on online marketing.

‘Dear Ali, you seem to rant on how all marketing funnels are bad. Are you against ALL of the launch ‘formulas’ that are out there now? I’d like to know.’

To answer that question, not exactly.

Of the many clients I work with whose revenues are in the 7-figures and above, some of them have used funnels, webinars, social ads, video series, and similar formulas to get there.

But let me share a secret with you… my clients who are on track for multiple 7-figures or even 8-figures (one of my Premier clients is now doing over a million dollars a month) aren’t using any of that.

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What’s NEW at ICONIC This Fall…

We are gearing up here for ICONIC 3.0 this fall, my annual event for women changemakers, entrepreneurs, and business leaders.

If you’re not on the Priority Notification list yet, you’ll want to be, because in past years we have SOLD OUT within days. You can get on that list here.

There continues to be nothing like ICONIC, anywhere, and there’s a reason that women leaders from a variety of industries fly in from all over the world to attend.

A quick heads-up on a few NEW developments at this year’s conference, happening November 5+6 in Phoenix, AZ:

We have room for 80-90 leaders total, a bit more than last year.

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ICONIC This Fall…

Often when I am working with my clients — these are women entrepreneurs whose revenues are typically in the 7- or 8-figures — and if I’m feeling some stuckness or resistance around their business, I will challenge them to this:

Most often the troubles and challenges they are experiencing are actually stemming from the fact they are THINKING TOO SMALL.

They are trying to fix a problem instead of working within their vision.

When we identify that and break through to the larger vision and purpose of what they really should be working on, it’s a tremendous RELIEF.

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Phoenix, Miami, and NYC…

It’s been a crazy few weeks with two sick kids (alternating, so there always seems to be one home), a lost phone in Mexico (a situation I learned to embrace), and working on a book proposal deadline.

And now that I’m feeling a bit more settled in this week, I wanted to drop you an update on some upcoming events and travels.


Join me for 3 full days of turbo content creation, March 19-21.

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NEW workshop this March (only 12 seats remain)

In 2015, one of my longtime followers pulled me aside at an event, and quietly shared, “I knew the moment you were back.”

I paused and considered the observation.

Hmmm. I was never ‘gone’. I had been very actively working on and in my business, growing our programs, managing the team, advising my high-end clients, and out there speaking and networking.

And then I realized what she was actually talking about: my thought leadership.

(When I use that term, it’s not loosely. I mean being truly a thought LEADER… not just anyone who has a bevy of followers online.)

I paused to consider.

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Power, freedom, and ditching ‘perfection’…

Did you catch these recent episodes of Glambition® Radio?

I wanted to send a quick update just in case you hadn’t. Because seriously this show just keeps getting better.

Amazing guests. Provocative topics. Powerful conversations.

Here are our latest episodes. Descriptions are below.

Here’s a bit about each of these episodes…

Lauren Zander (formerly Handel) started her career the same as many of us did — she took a desk job straight out of college, wanting to save the world.

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